What are Insurance Appraisals?

What are they good for?

Most insurance policies carry an Insurance Appraisal Clause. This allows both the policyholder and insurance company to hire independent appraisers to determine the damages. But for years, the appraisal clause was not always an effective path for homeowners to contest unfair claims.

New York insurance policyholders scored a big victory with the passage in 2014 of a bill that allows disputes on losses to be settled without litigation. Either party in a dispute may demand an appraisal.

The new law has expanded the authority of the “appraisal panel” to include the extent of repair and extent of damage (also known as scope of loss.) Prior to passage of the NY law, insurance companies could flat out deny requests for appraisals because no scope of loss had been agreed to, and in fact, barred its discussion during appraisal. Read about the insurance appraisal process.

Despite this landmark legislation, which took ten years to pass both the NY Assembly and Senate, thanks to pushback (we’re being polite!) by the insurance lobby, many NY policyholders with disputed insurance claims still do not know their rights or how the appraisal process works.

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