Preparing For An Insurance Claim

Getting in the know

There’s nothing like the threat of a hurricane or major weather event to focus one’s attention on the potential for significant property damage. The truth is though, that disaster can strike at any time, and doesn’t always involve mother nature.

There are a number of concepts that every policyholder should be familiar with in order to be properly prepared before disaster strikes.

Over the next few weeks, we will explore each of these topics in detail, and include commentary and information from top industry experts.

  1. Your insurance company is not your friend.
  2. Prepare for a claim before you ever file one: What to do RIGHT NOW.
  3. Understanding your policy (or finding someone who does.)
  4. The secret: those with the best documents win.
  5. Full and fair settlements: What are my rights?
  6. When and how do I dispute my settlement offer?
  7. What is an appraisal and do I need one?
  8. Do I need a contractor, an attorney, a public adjuster?
  9. Time is money. Calculating cost versus investment.
  10. How to hire the best experts and advisors.

Next Up: Your insurance company is not your friend. Unsettling tales from the field.

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