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Do you know there are resources to help you help your clients?

Too many brokers lose clients as a result of insurance claim issues that they have little control over or expertise in managing. We can help you be a hero to your clients. After all, a happy client is a retained client.
Your business has grown because you serve your customers well and they have come to trust you. But a disputed insurance claim can break that trust and cause clients to leave. We have seen this scenario play out dozens of times and the trend is accelerating.
Do you get the blame when a carrier mishandles the claim?

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Have you lost clients due to a carrier’s actions?

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Are you in the best position to help your clients navigate a difficult insurance claim?
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Do you want to be seen as your clients’ advocate?

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Bell Operations Systems helps brokers and agents keep control of the claim and protect their clients from the negative aspects of the insurance claims process. We create win-win situations for brokers and agents.

Carriers do not like Public Adjusters and too many public adjusters feed that feeling with irresponsible practices and unreasonable demands.

Bell Operations Systems operates differently.
  • We can provide you with insurance claims support including document review and preparation that will save your client THOUSANDS in Adjusters fees.
  • We can “hand hold” a client through an insurance claim allowing them to keep most of the settlement.
  • We can offer representation or simply act as an insurance appraiser for the insured.
  • We know the laws and regulations. We are licensed producers in many states. We can help you help your clients by producing all the documentation and claims expertise to add a level of customer service that makes you stand apart, all while staying discreetly behind the scene.
Have your client speak to us before hiring a public adjuster. We can review their contracts and save them THOUSANDS in fees. And you get to claim the credit for finding us!

Case Study

The Problem:
We were contacted by a broker who’s insured was having a difficult time responding to all of the documentation demands from the carrier's adjuster. We were asked to review the claim and let the policyholder know how to best comply. While reviewing the loss we discovered that the building consultant hired by the carrier to produce a valuation of the loss was not using any customary method or estimating program to provide the value of the damaged property. The insured tried in vain to have another estimator assigned. We felt invoking the appraisal clause within the policy was the solution to breaching the differences in value.
The Result:
Acting as the policyholders appraisers, we reviewed differences with the other appraiser and we clearly saw the issues and awarded the corrected value of the loss. No umpire was required to intervene on this particular appraisal.

Sometime's a simple document review requested by the broker can break the log jam and expedite the conclusion of a claim.

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