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Insurance Claim Advice To Brokers

When you place a policy with a specific carrier, are you familiar with that company's claim handling guidelines and practices?  
They should be known and understand that:
Carrier X uses engineers on every claim in an attempt to change the cause of loss to a non-covered peril. Carrier Y uses non conforming estimating programs that lower the value of the claim way too far. Carrier Z is a litigation machine. Bell Operations can navigate and satisfy the most difficult claims protocols. We can inform your clients and give them plenty of insight as to what they can expect during the claims process.
Are you in the best position to help?
Can you and are you willing to pull a rabbit out of the policy hat when a claim goes into dispute over coverage? You know the policy better than the run-of-the-mill staff adjuster. Why get the blame and lose clients when a carrier mishandles a claim? You are the face of the policy you sold – that relationship starts with you.
Advice is our stock & trade.
Let Bell Operations answer questions.
Let Bell Operations get the claim off on the right foot.
Our Q&A line is available to you or your clients.

We can help your clients.
Simply by answering questions with no obligation

Carriers you sell would prefer that you stay out of the claims process When you sell “Good Hands” and they deliver a left hook to your client during a claim…How does that reflect on you? Bell Operations is there with you, helping with our knowledge of the process and experience with the insurance company. You can be seen by your client as jumping in to defend them and allowing Bell Operations to take the heat…We can counter punch for you in the most difficult claim environment.

You speak softly, let Bell Operations carry the big stick.

Case Study

The Problem:
We were contacted by a broker who’s insured was having a difficult time responding to all of the documentation demands from the carriers adjuster. We were asked to review the claim and let the policy holder what how to best comply. While reviewing the loss we discovered that the building consultant hired by the carrier to produce a valuation of the loss was not using any customary method or estimating program to provide the value of the damaged property. The insured tried in vain to have another estimator assigned. We felt invoking the appraisal clause within the policy was the solution to the breaching the differences in value.
The Result:
Acting as the policy holders appraisers we reviewed differences with the other appraiser we clearly saw the issues and awarded the corrected value of the loss. No umpire was required to intervene on this particular appraisal.

Sometime a simple document review requested by the broker can break the log jam and expedite the conclusion of a claim.

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