adjusters reject scope or pricing

Do adjusters reject your scope or pricing?

Adjusters and insurance companies try limit payment as much as possible during a claim. The insurance companies will make their own scope of the property’s damage and may reject your scope or pricing of the damage should it stray from the insurance company templates. You shouldn’t have to spend the time re-estimating and justifying common pricing. You should be building and restoring damaged property.

Creating an insurance estimate can be a lengthy process, and no matter how long you spent on it, insurance adjusters can reject your either your scope or pricing. The scope is the extent of the damage and any supporting items needed for full restoration of the property. Scope describes both the type of damage, the quantity of materials needed, and costs of those materials and labor needed. Accurate and agreed to scope is the key to expediting the project and getting paid.

You and the insurance adjusters may have differing views on identifying the full extent of the damage and determining the method or means of the repair needed. The adjuster may believe something only needs to be repaired, but you believe it needs to be replaced. This can affect the final cost of the estimate and whether or not it gets accepted.

Bell Operations can work with you to create an estimate for restoration damages. We can be on site and personally access the damage so the estimate will be correct and detailed. Expert policy knowledge allows us to fully understand both sides of insurance to help you get the best estimate and outcome possible.
Bell Operations Systems estimating service can give your team the ability to address and resolve the issues that will protect your clients and increase your profits.
  • We are estimating experts, up to date on Xactimate as well as all major estimating software packages in the industry.
  • We knock down barriers for you by knowing more about what is in a policy than the desk adjuster.
  • We act as broker/consultants without the negative perception of a public adjuster.
  • We can be onsite for catastrophes.
  • We provide the most thorough and indisputable documentation in the industry, based on expert policy knowledge and decades of work in the field.
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Case Study

The Problem:
We are experts in fair claims practices and we can maximize the funds needed to restore your client’s property. Or simply make sure that things covered in the policy for repair or replacement are properly and promptly paid.

We had a contractor contact us after he was called out to do an inspection on behalf of the carrier. He was told they would wait and see the cost before they afforded any coverage. This is an illegal, but an often-used tactic by carriers.

We contacted the carrier and discussed our “fair claims” investigation and produced our carefully prepared documentation, the carrier agreed to send a representative to discuss the value of the loss. The contractor’s estimate was accepted and they were able to concentrate on completing the repairs and restoring the property and left the carrier to us.

The CBS News program 60 Minutes segment documented the lengths to which some carriers will go to avoid paying claims. Watch it here.
The Result:
We help contractors and their clients fight back against this type of abuse by carriers and obtain a full and fair settlement on their insurance claim.

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