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Investigation and Appraisal For Claims Adjusters

Do you know that those with the best documents win?

To ensure policyholders are treated fairly, it's all about properly investigating.
In an insurance claim, those with the best documentation succeed - How good is your documentation?

If you don’t have the correct answers to these questions, call Bell Operations Systems for a consultation.
Are you being hammered with overwhelming and frivolous document requests?
Are you your estimates being read and taken seriously?
Are you ready to demand an appraisal?
Are you familiar with all aspects of the appraisal process?
The insurance claim investigation is the critical activity underpinning the settlement. In our experience however,  investigations may not be carried out in a skilled, professional manner. Not coincidentally, the errors and omissions can sometimes favor the carrier.

Documentation failures come in many forms. Sometimes, inexperienced insurance claims adjusters fail to investigate thoroughly or perhaps turn a blind eye.

Bell Operations Systems can successfully substantiate the claim with thorough investigation and documentation.

We provide solid supporting documentation with tagged photo evidence and detailed line item notes. Because we are estimating experts, our reports are difficult to dispute. Our appraisals and estimates stand up to the most thorough examination and hold up under deposition and cross-examination.

Bell Operations Systems will hand you everything you need to win your argument. Our full array of services to insurance claims adjusters includes:
  • Damage investigation and inspection
  • Latent damage reports with supporting documentation
  • Document preparation: estimates, engineering and bid items
  • Carrier estimates, review errors and omissions
  • Xactimate line item review
  • Remote estimating and data support
  • Expert testimony

Case Study

The Problem:
The carrier was claiming the damage came from an underground storm drain that had overflowed during heavy rain. Pointing to a weather report and an exclusion in the policy, they were going to deny the claim.

We were called in to investigate and discovered key questions were not asked, or simply ignored. The discharge actually came from the plumbing system itself, not a storm drain. The carrier then tried to cap the coverage to a sewer back up and an endorsement in the policy with much lower limits.

Through careful investigation and proper documentation we went on to prove the discharge came from the plumbing system on premises and that full policy limits should apply, not a sewage backup with smaller limits on coverage.
The Result:
Our documentation was irrefutable. They paid the full value of the claim.

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